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Needlelace and Stumpwork, Contemporary Designs and Techniques for Dimensional Embroidery 

This book includes detailed instructions of the basics of needlelace stitches and techniques, stumpwork techniques and stitches, and Brazilian embroidery stitches giving the reader all the information needed to complete beautiful dimensional projects.  Also included are nearly three dozen  flower and butterflies design projects with complete instructions and patterns.  Designs #2605-2623 are included in this book as well as many other butterfly designs. There are 100 pages of instruction plus 4 color pages in this soft cover, perfect bind book.

Price $24.95  


Back cover, wall quilt

Silk Flowers to Dye for

A variety of techniques produces attractive painted silk backgrounds  for dimensional embroidery. Learn to create pretty dimensional flowers from silk fabric that is fused together and painted.  Make your own background fabrics using photo images and your  computer printer.  Dozens of projects are included, most featuring  dimensional silk flowers, but there are also projects done in stumpwork.  Full instructions and patterns are included for all the projects, including a wall quilt with 7 floral blocks set on point using painted silk for all the fabrics.  Stumpwork designs #2625-2630 are all included in this book.  There are 63 pages of instruction, plus 8 color pages in this soft cover book.

Price: $16.00



Wire and Floss Flowers

These beautiful dimensional flowers on wire stems originated in Europe many centuries ago.  The techniques were known in Germany and Austria as Klosterarbeit, and in Malta as Ganutell.  Beginning with the ancient techniques, Wire and floss Flowers presents them using modern equipment and supplies. Most  flowers are created from a twisted cord using fine wire and floss.  This book covers  the basics and includes more than a dozen flower patterns.  Experiment with this unusual technique, making beautiful miniature floral arrangements that can also be used for brooches and hair decoration.  There are 31 pages, including 4 in color in this book, finished with a comb binding.

Price: $16.00

A Needle Lace Bouquet

This 27 page book includes basic needle lace instructions, patterns and individual instructions for the 9 different flowers shown in the three dimensional bouquet. 

Price: $14.00


From Sketch to Screen Print, How we do it
by Loretta Holzberger and Pat Kamperschroer

Written as a manual to go along with a class taught in 2015, this 42 page book covers several ways to create a good line drawing for making a screen print, then how to make a screen and how to make wash-out screen prints for Brazilian embroidery designs.  Computer graphics are taught using PowerPoint, Inkscape, and Paint Shop Pro Photo X2. 

Price:  $13.00



Lace, A Quick Guide to Identification
by Lace Arts Council for Education

Lace, A Quick Guide to Identification was written as a "take-along" guide to help the antique lace shopper identify lace she sees.   In the 40 pages most major lace types are shown with a photo and close-ups plus several points that identify it from others. Most pages show both handmade and machine made examples of lace. 

Price $12.00


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