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All designs come screen printed on the fabric described.  Complete instructions are included as well as any special parts such as beads, wire, and needlelace couching patterns.  Threads are not included.  A thread list is on the outside of each packet.  Most of the threads used in the models are EdMar Brazilian embroidery threads.  I do not sell threads, but you will find sources in the resource links.  I have eliminated the kit versions of my needlelace butterflies and heart.  You will find them as PDF files for sale on the "PDF Designs" page. 

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Lace Angel - #2609

This 5" angel is dressed in a Point de Gaze needlelace skirt and shawl, with a tiny bouquet of Brazilian embroidery flowers.  The wings are also needlelace with wired edges.  Instructions, pattern, supplies and fabric for the angel are included.  Porcelain head and hands are not included, but are available at Nordic Needle #7471 or your local needlework shop.   


  Lacy Glads - #2614

This needlelace spray of gladiolus is stitched to a rayon/poly linen look background fabric.  The leaves and stem are stitched to the background while the flower petals are worked in needlelace with wired edges, and attached to the fabric with the stamens.  Choose from white, off white or linen colored background fabric, and of course you can make the flowers any color you choose.  Fits a 5" x 7" mat or frame.


Background color

Cattleya Orchid - #2616

This showy orchid is created with wired needlelace petals.  Two of the leaves are done in embroidered stumpwork technique and attached to the background too.  Choose from white, off white or linen colored linen look fabric.  You may stitch your orchid in a color of your choice.  Fits a 5" x 7" mat or frame


Background color
Lacy Iris - #2619

These needlelace iris are partly stitched on the background fabric, and partly created with wired edges to give a dimensional look.  One leaf is also worked with wired edges to give more dimension.  Choose from white, off white, or linen colored linen look fabric.  Stitch the iris any color you like.  Fits a 5" x 7" mat or frame


Background color
Water Lily - #2621

A delicate needlelace water lily floats on a mirror with stumpwork lily pads and dragonfly.  Iridescent stumpwork wings are combined with a wired bead body to create the dragonfly perched on a shiny lily pad.  Controlled drizzles make a distinctive stamen center for the lacy petals.  Fits on an 8" octagonal mirror.  The mirror is not included.


Sweet Peas & Lace - #2635

With a simple pulled thread stitch, the 25 count linen becomes a lacy background.  Top it off with a spray of sweet peas created in wired needlelace and you have a lovely stitched piece.  Finished size: 5" circle. 


Sweet Peas & Lace Mini - #2638

Give a pulled thread on linen and needlelace a try with a small project.  This sweet pea mini is only 3" in diameter.  Design printed on 25 count linen, instructions, wire and needlelace pattern included. 


Lacy Carnations - 2652

This airy design is worked on raw silk fabric and fits a 5" x 7" mat or frame.  The carnations are created with wired edges and open-airy needlelace stitches, then applied to the stitched background of stems and buds. 



Chambered Nautilus - 2655

Combine travelling cast-ons with Palestrina knots and two detached buttonhole needle lace stitches to create this very elegant chambered nautilus shell on a moiré faille fabric background.  Fits an 8" x 10" mat or frame.



Swan-a-Swimming - 2666

Returning from the 1995 design with a few changes, an elegant Mute Swan is swimming the the water surrounded by cattails and other rushes.  The swan's body is padded satin stitch with needle lace wings which are wired for shaping.  The piece is worked on blue Moiré Faille and fits an 8" x 10" mat or frame.



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