New Designs for 2016


Loretta's Custom Stitchery

All designs come screen printed on the fabric described.  Complete instructions are included as well as any special parts such as beads.  Threads are not included.  Each package contains a list of required threads.  Most threads used in the models are EdMar Brazilian embroidery threads.  I do not sell threads, but you will find sources in the resource links. 
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Cactus Wrens 2679

Stitch a pair of cactus wrens sitting a the top of a large saguaro cactus.  Needle painting  techniques are used to make lifelike birds.  The cactus as well as the birds are padded with felt.  Mediterranean knotted stitch is used for the flowers.  The finished piece is 5" X 7"


Color choice


A Northwest Bird Feeder 2680

Lots of birds enjoy our feeder in the winter.  Here are several that we see here in the Northwest, but maybe not all together at the same time.  Worked on a hand painted silk background, experience adding a silk applique for the roof, and learn the basic techniques of making almost life like birds using padding and needle painting.  Simple stem, couching, blanket, and straight stitches make up the feeder and greenery.  The finished design fits an 8 x 10" mat or frame. 




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