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All designs come screen printed on the fabric described. Complete instructions are included as well as any special  parts such as beads and wire. Threads are not included. Each package contains a list of required threads. Most threads used in the models are EdMar Brazilian embroidery threads. I do not sell threads, but you will find sources in the resource links.

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Swingtime Fuchsia - #2612

With stumpwork embroidered petals, leaf, and butterfly, this 5 x 7" fuchsia picture is stunning.  The frilly petals are worked in needlelace, and like the other stumpwork parts, are attached after the background has been stitched.  Available on white, off white or linen colored background fabric.


Background color

Oma's Rose - #2613

This lovely rose combines padded satin stitch, bullions, cast-on buttonhole and attached stumpwork petals to make is almost real enough to smell.  The bottom leaf is also done in stumpwork so it can hang over the 5' x 7" mat or frame.  Available on white, off white, or linen colored linen look background fabric. 


Background color


Stumpwork Glads - #2615

Create a beautiful spray of pink stumpwork glads with distinctive stamens on a linen look fabric background.  The design fits a 5" x 7" mat or frame and is available in white, off white or linen colored background fabric. 


Background color


Stumpwork Iris - #2618

These stumpwork iris are worked partly on the background fabric and partly with attached wired petals.  The beards are worked in turkey work.  Choose from white, off white, or linen colored linen look background fabric.  Make your iris any color you choose.  Fits a 5" x 7" mat or frame.


Background color

Basket of Pansies - #2620

Create a colorful basket of stumpwork pansies to brighten your wall.  Pansies are screen printed on 5 different colors fabrics to match your thread colors.  Have fun creating the woven basket with well placed straight stitches. Choose from white, off white, or linen colored linen look background fabric.  Fits a 7" x 5" mat or frame. 


Background color

Stumpwork Swallowtail - #2623

This 3" wired stumpwork butterfly is stitched on a sheer iridescent golden fabric fused over pale yellow batiste.  Use it on another piece of needlework or add jewelry findings to make it into a pin. 


Moth Orchid - #2625

Worked on a shaded green hand dyed China silk background, this white and pink moth orchid is very showy.  The orchid petals are stitched on fused silk with Rajmahal art silk. Embroidery floss or silk floss could also be used.  Leaves and stems are stitched with Brazilian embroidery threads.  Fits 5" x 7" mat or frame. 


Calla Lilies - #2626

The background for this floral arrangement is shaded from blue-green to pale gold hand painted China silk.  Petals of these showy flowers are stitched on nylon tricot for soft shaping.  A double running stitch is used which makes both sides well finished.  Fits a 5" x 7" mat or frame.


Stargazer Lily - #2627

These stunning shaded petals are worked on fused dyed silk fabric with Rajmahal art silk, although other single strand floss could also be used.  Leaves are in double cast-on and drizzle stitches.  The background is hand dyed in shades of green on China silk.


Clematis - #2629

This showy stumpwork clematis flower and bud are stitched to a photo printed fabric.  Notice the distinctive stamen in the center of the flower.  Choose from China silk or cotton background fabric.  The silk is more elegant, but the cotton gives a crisper print of the clematis vine photo. Fits 5" x 7" mat or frame.


Fabric choice

Hosta and Lace - #2634

This piece is worked on lovely 25 count linen fabric.  The entire background is worked in a pulled thread stitch to create a lacy effect.  Then the embroidered and stumpwork Hosta leaves and flowers are stitched over the worked background with a lining fabric backing it.  The finished size is a 5" circle. 


 In Flight- #2640

An array of colorful stumpwork butterflies hover around a butterfly bush with a lovely "sky" fabric background.  Make and attach as many of the 10 butterflies as you choose.  All the butterflies are printed in color on fused silk fabric, ready for you to add wire and embroidery.  This full kit includes the printed background fabric, printed butterflies on fused silk, Rajmahal art silk and Edmar Brazilian threads for the project, wire and needles.  Finished size 8" x 10". 


Hibiscus - 2647

Hibiscus - those stunning tropical flowers with the showy stamens!  Have fun creating them in stumpwork with a unique beaded drizzle stamen.   The leaves are worked in stacked stem and the petals are filled with double running stitch on dyed silk fabric with wired edges.  The background fabric is raw silk.  The design fits a 5" x 7" frame or mat.  The design printed on raw silk, dyed fused silk for petals, wire, and beads are included. Threads are not included.   


Orchids - 2659

These stumpwork orchids are worked on dyed, fused silk fabric, The leaves are padded and the background fabric is 25 count evenweave linen.  A simple pulled thread pattern is stitched on it for texture and interest.  An advanced level project that fits a 5" x 7" mat or frame. 



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